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énamour skincare is the bomb!

am welcoming énamour to the shop with so much love and affection. It is the most simplified skincare for the family that focuses on the little ones first. Let's meet the maker and find out why its a best seller in the shop!
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My Love for Baggu!

My love for Baggu started just over 5 years ago when I was cruising the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. New York was one of many places I dwelled in and it was cluttered with the most beautiful shops and restaurants, Baggu was one of them.
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Walk Moses!

We opened our doors with a dream to bring you the best curated goods shop for the whole family. We started with ethically made teething toys and rattles that we now sell all over the world. Fast forward 16 months and we now sell an array of beautiful, sustainable products that are all ethically made.
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Our Products

Many of you ask what the difference is between our pieces and that is why I have decided to write this post and add the videos showing the features of each product and how they function!
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Top Baby Picks by Blue Bird Kisses

There are so many picks for babies today making it very hard to choose. The questions we find ourselves asking frequently when purchasing a product would be is it sustainable, created naturally, ethically, and is it safe? We pride ourselves on saying that we are all of those things and proud of it. That is why every mom that buys our product has nothing but good to say about it. We are proud to be one of the top pick's for bay teething toys. Not only are they safe and great to knaw on, they are interesting and perfect for sensory play and development.  Read what Blue Bird Kisses has to say about us and many other great brands.  
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HGTV Nursery Reveal

600 Square Feet and a Nursery?! We are so flattered to be chosen as one of the top pics for styling nursery's this year. Check this beautiful Toronto' couples nursery reveal out and watch this space for even more to come! Thanks HGTV! Read the Full Article on HGTV
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Brand Love by Kelli Kronenberger!

Kelli is a new mom that is an amazing lifestyle photographer. We've had a crush on her feed for a long time and I was so honoured when she placed her first order with otherware. After she tried our product she asked me if I wanted to be interviewed and I couldn't resist.
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Toxins in Mass Produced Teething Toys?

What's in your teething products? Ours are 100% toxin free and approved by Health Canada. If you plan to buy these cheap mass produced products, be prepared to deal with what you are putting into your little babies system.  Each Otherware piece is handmade by myself and is everything but mass-produced, ensuring the safest, chemical free product for your little baby. I can understand that price may play a role in purchasing these things for your child, however, it is sad that when things are cheaply created, that they contain harmful chemicals that can alter changes in our developing bodies. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can interfere with the body’s hormonal balance and could potentially lead to...
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Care Instructions

Let's talk about caring for your Otherware piece. There have been times where our pieces have been damaged due to improper care and that is why I have decided to share this post and video. So listen up, I am going to teach you how to care for your piece so it lasts the rest of time and stays clean for your babe.
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Teether? Rattle?

Our brand is 'well thought'. What does that mean? It means I like to keep things simple here and that is why I first design, then create every piece by myself. This ensures that every piece meets the highest standards.
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