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Care Instructions

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Hey mama's and chew babes,

Let's talk about caring for your Otherware piece. There have been times where our pieces have been damaged due to improper care and that is why I have decided to share this post and video. So listen up, I am going to teach you how to care for your piece so it lasts the rest of time and stays clean for your babe. Please inspect before use! 

Silicone can be clingy, therefore from time to time you need to wipe it off. So what's the best way? Let me explain below, teether specific.

Burly, Duo, ColourBlok
This contains wood and should never be submerged in water. Why? Because the wood can be compromised when subject to temperature change resulting in cracks. Don't worry, these could never harm your baby. But your beautiful teether would be no good anymore and you'd have to contact us for a replacement within a year of your initial order.

We recommend a spot clean. What does that mean? It means that you make up your non-toxic soapy sink and use a clean cloth to wipe the germs or whatever else has collected on it over time! Simple, watch the vid! 

Please note: Any teether that contains wood cannot be placed in the freezer or fridge, any climate change could compromise the wood. So enjoy this toy for what it is! 

Freeze Teether
This is water safe! Submerge, submerge, submerge! They're low maintenance, we like to say! Plus, your baby loves them when out in the freezer or fridge because they become ultra soothing.

Please note: These items must be dried for 12 hours after submerging as the nylon becomes stretchy. So it's a good idea to wash them at night. 

Pacifier Clip
Please do not submerge and spot clean only. I say this because the metal will tarnish over time. It's best to care for this item like you would care for anything with wood. 

Important, Please Read!
If any teether becomes compromised please dispose of it and contact us immediately if within 2 years of the purchase date. More info on our safety page

Thank you for supporting Otherware, if you have any questions, please contact me direct


Rae Brown


Otherware Care Instructions from otherware on Vimeo.