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énamour skincare is the bomb!

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I am welcoming énamour to the shop with so much love and affection. It is the most simplified skincare for the family that focuses on the little ones first. Let's meet the maker and find out why its a best seller in the shop!

For the non-francophone people out there énamour means to be filled with a feeling of love for and it's admirably showcased so well across the branding and product itself. I chose énamour because like most mom's out there, I care about what I put on my babies skin. I know and fully understand the repercussions of toxins in our bodies later in life and have dealt with them first hand. 

I wanted to talk to Marie, the front woman behind the brand so I could teach you all a little bit more about what you are forking out the dough for! 


Why did you start énamour?

Thanks for the opportunity, Rae! So one night, in November 2014 in the bathroom with my husband, before brushing our teeth (prime face to face time of working parents with two young children on a given Wednesday), I started complaining about the look of our kids' soap packaging, how baby-ish I thought they looked and how I didn't fully understand the list of ingredients in there. I thought I should do something about it.
I started thinking how we could change this. I wanted to create beautiful bottles and jars that people would be proud to display on their changing tables instead of hiding away. But I also wanted to be sure that the contents were all-natural. As pretty outside as there are good on the inside. 

I love how minimal your brand is, I'm not talking about the packaging but the idea that each product has been carefully created for multi-use/responsible consumption. How did you go about this? 

Thanks! I think that marketers have trained us into thinking that certain products are just for one thing, or just for one person "for a man" or "for a baby", to sell more things. But the idea is that if something works for a baby (skin cream for example), it should be working for an adult, right? We focus on making the smells and the formulas work for everyone. Not to baby-ish, not too strong.

Will you have more products in the future? 

Yes, we will. We are currently working on a cream, that is called liniment, a zero waste solution to use instead of baby wipes. It's also an excellent moisturiser. We are also working on a 2-1 hair and body wash, more soaps and a toothpaste. My kids are having a ball testing everything out!

What is your favourite essential oil? 

Frankinscence is just so useful, excellent for the skin (I put a drop in my moisturizer at night for a smooth skin in the morning), anti-scar, anti-aging. It is anti-septic and can be used on our toothbrush for brusing your teeth. It is also anti-stress, and good when you have a cold. I also love Ylang ylang for it's smell, tea tree because it's useful and eucalptus because it tricks my mind into thinking I am at a hammam.   

Is the entire line plant based?

Absolutely, and it always will be. 

What is your favourite beauty must have? 

I love floral water. I use it morning and night after washing my face, before moisturising or serum, but also, halfway through the day, when I need to freshen up (ok, not everyday when I am working from home in my yoga pants, but you know what I mean). I even spray it on my kids faces sometimes when they are hot, or before bed, when we are too lazy to give them a bath.

What is your advice for any mom searching for a solid skincare line for their family

I think that the most important thing is that even if it means a few more dollars, buy good quality products. Not the pharmacy stuff. Buy high quality products that you will use sparingly, will cherish, take good care of. It's better for your babies, for your wallet and for the environment! As for Énamour, we promise to offer only useful products, and as often as possible, that can be shared by all the family members.