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Teether? Rattle?

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Many of you ask what the difference is between our pieces and that is why I have decided to write this post.

Our brand is 'well thought'. What does that mean? It means I like to keep things simple here and that is why I first design, then create every piece by myself. This ensures that every piece meets the highest standards and will last from baby to toddler to a timeless piece in your home to cherish and remember. 

Let me break it down. The Burly and Duo Teething Rattles contain rings that aren't only easy for your growing baby to grab hold of, but also make a soothing rattle when shook. That in turn makes it an attractive toy and learning module. The Burly Teething Rattle has an extra large bead making it the biggest, and most interesting toy in the shop. Chloe is 17 months old and this has become one of her most favourite toys! 

The ColourBlok Teether is not a baby rattle, it's our most simplified piece. I created it because as a mom with no time on the go or lots of space I wanted something I could literally stick in my pocket or bag for Chloe to play with when we were in a rush or I didn't want to take anything along. Plus, this is amazing on any of our pacifier clips, leather or silicone. 

All of our pieces are strength tested and 100% toxin free. All of our supplies come from Canada. Please read our safety page for more information or the information card that is included with your purchase. Play safe babes! 

Much Love,

Rae Brown