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Toxins in Mass Produced Teething Toys?

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What's in your teething products? Ours are 100% toxin free and approved by Health Canada. If you plan to buy these cheap mass produced products, be prepared to deal with what you are putting into your little babies system. 

Each Otherware piece is handmade by myself and is everything but mass-produced, ensuring the safest, chemical free product for your little baby. I can understand that price may play a role in purchasing these things for your child, however, it is sad that when things are cheaply created, that they contain harmful chemicals that can alter changes in our developing bodies. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can interfere with the body’s hormonal balance and could potentially lead to developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune system and other health issues.

To simulate the toy in the mouth of a baby, the scientists placed the teethers in water for an hour and found that BPA, plus a range of different parabens and antimicrobials — including triclosan and triclocarban — leached out into the water from most of the teethers.

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