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Walk Moses!

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We opened our doors with a dream to bring you the best curated goods shop for the whole family. We started with ethically made teething toys and rattles that we now sell all over the world. Fast forward 16 months and we now sell an array of beautiful, sustainable products that are all ethically made. We are not a shop full of cheap sweatshop goods. When you spend the extra dollar here we can assure you that you are purchasing an item that will last the test of time. Why am I writing this? Because I wanted to talk about our latest craze, walk moses sandals. We have sold out of these over and over again and it isn’t even hot outside yet! Why? You’ll have to read the rest to find out!

Some call them ‘summer slippers’ other call them sandals – all we know is that they’re washable, waterproof, comfy and colourful. We guarantee you’ll want more than just one pair of these must-have beach shoes! The best part, they are available for mama and mini. Better than Birkenstock, half the price! Moses was created to add coolness and comfort to your everyday life.

Behind the brand is Sarah Gurt, originally from Paris. She acquired her professional education as a shoe designer in 1999 at Cordwainers College and Central St Martins and has since worked as a shoe designer for companies in Europe and the US such as Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta.

After 14 years, Sarah decided it was time to come back to her adopted home of Israel and start a brand that related to her local lifestyle and that could resonate with people around the world: a brand that embodied the aesthetics and vibes of her city, Tel Aviv.

I mean, they’re obviously great in the summer, but peruse Moses’ Instagram account and you’ll see that these babies are being sported perennially, with and without socks. Now, most of you would never sport sandals with socks, but I find it highly acceptable and can be found sporting sandals and socks year round.

What are they made from?

Moses are made from a breed of plastic called PCU, a superior grade of sustainable plastic injected with air and natural oils, a unique combination that creates a durable and ultra comfortable new way of walking.

Get into a pair of the hottest shoes from LA fashion week, walk moses! 

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