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Vitruvi Essential Oil - Geranium - otherware

Vitruvi Essential Oil - Geranium

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Geranium is a floral, slightly minty essential oil that easily fits into your beauty routine.


  • Origin - Egypt
  • Scent Family - Floral
  • Skincare Benefits - Balancing

Made Of 

  • 100% pure essential oil
  • 15ml bottle

3 Great Uses

Lavender Lashes

Balancing Face Steam

Add 4 drops to a warm, damp face towel. Hold up to your face and breathe deeply.


Floral Hair Perfume

Add 25 drops to 15 ml water and 2 tsp witch hazel in a spray bottle and mist hair.

Goddess Time Diffuser Aroma

Add 10 drops to a diffuser for when you need to enjoy a little time to yourself.