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What if I have questions regarding my order or jewellery specs?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

How do I clean and care for my teether or jewellery? 
Remove all packaging, wash, and rinse before first use. Spot clean the wood. Do not boil.

What are they made of?
Our buttery soft beads are made with 100% food-grade silicone or organic untreated maple wood. They are non-toxic, latex, lead, cadmium, mercury, phthalate, BPA & PVC free. 

My beads have lint on them, what can I do to avoid this?
You can keep our teether's and bracelets in the muslin bags provided upon purchase or simple use a baby wipe or run them under water for a few seconds to clean them. The beads are resilient and don't scratch or come apart!

Baltic Amber 

What is Baltic amber?
Amber is a fossilized tree resin that contains “succinic acid” which, by body warmth, is released into the skin. Succinic acid has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. For a teething baby, this means pain relief and less inflammation of the gums as well as reduced drooling.

How can I get the most therapeutic value out of amber jewellery?
To get the most therapeutic value from the amber, the baby should wear it as much as possible during the day. It is not recommended that the baby wear it to bed, or while unsupervised. However, if you want to maximize the benefit of the amber, you could wrap the necklace around the baby’s ankle inside his/her sleeper while they are sleeping.

Can my baby wear the teething necklace while sleeping?
You should remove the necklace whenever the child is unsupervised, including naps or bedtime. For maximum benefit from the amber, the necklace could be worn doubled around the ankle and worn inside a sleeper only. Do not allow the amber to be accessible to the child.

Are there any safety features on amber jewellery?
Yes. Each bead is knotted individually on the string. This ensures that in case the necklace breaks, they would only be able to free one bead. All the beads used in baby jewellery are smaller than a pea, so that they can be swallowed safely in the event that one should come free. The clasp at the back is free from all metals and allergens and is held together by knots ensuring if there was pressure placed on the necklace, the clasp would pop open.

How to care for amber?
Don't expose the amber to lotions, polishes and other residues that might coat the surface of the stones creating a barrier from the healing oil. Amber can be worn in the bath but not in the pool or hot tubs where chemicals are present and may harm the stones. If the necklace needs to be washed, only use warm water.

Safety & Parts

Can I leave my child unattended while playing or holding a piece of otherware?
Absolutely not, just like all teething jewellery, otherware is not a toy and is not designed for children under 3 years of age. Our designs contain small parts and cords which may pose a choking and strangulation risk of misused.

Can my toddler or baby wear this jewelry?
Your child must be over 3 years of age to wear a bracelet. Most children this age would fit the child size.

* Babies should always be supervised while chewing the jewelries.
* Please never let a child under the age of 3 wear this item of jewelery.
* Safe for children 3+ as a sensory tool; check all beads for wear and tear caused by chewing and dispose immediately if damaged.

How do I use the jewellery or teether?
Replace when damaged or worn. Never tie teether around a child's neck. Always use with adult supervision. Made for infants 3+ months. As with all infant toys, always use with adult supervision. 

What are they strung on & how strong are they? 
Beads are strung on strong nylon cord, tied special and strength tested.

NEVER leave baby alone with silicone teething toys. If your silicone teething ring breaks or is damaged do not let baby use it, send it back for repair or for a replacement. Please examine all toys and items your baby and/or children play with before and after every use and if you notice any signs of potential wear to products we provide, that could cause harm, please cease use immediately and contact us.

Our teething jewelry is tested to ensure that it meets or exceeds all current safety standards of the Health CANADA. These tests prove that BOTH THE MATERIALS and the DESIGN OF THE otherware PRODUCT are completely safe for your baby while under adult supervision. It should not be left with babies or children unattended. Adult supervision is required. 

Buyer's Guide

What currency do you use?
Lucky for you if you are in the USA, all of our prices are in CAD. 

What are my payment choices?
During the checkout process you may choose any of our current payment options and continue to place your order. Please note that we will not ship your order until we receive payment from you.


Can I return or exchange my product?
All sales are final because of the way this product is used.


What countries do you ship to?
Currently, we only ship within Canada and to the United States and the UK. Please contact us for special orders.

Why is the postage so expensive? 
Canada Post charges $10 on any piece of mail that doesn't fit into the box slot. Sorry guys. :(