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Safety & Care

Otherware Teething Products

Can I leave my child unattended while playing or holding a piece of otherware?
Absolutely not, just like all teething products, otherware is not a toy and is not designed for children under 3 years of age. Our designs contain small parts and cords which may pose a choking and strangulation risk of misuse.

Can my toddler or baby wear this jewelry?
Your child must be over 3 years of age to wear a bracelet. Most children this age would fit the child size. Necklaces are not for children under the age of 3.

* Babies should always be supervised while chewing or playing with otherware pieces.
* Please never let a child under the age of 3 wear this item of jewelry.
* Safe for children 3+ as a sensory tool; check all beads and parts before each use for wear and tear caused by chewing and dispose of immediately if damaged.

How do I use the jewelry or teether?
Replace when damaged or worn. Never tie teether around a child's neck. Always use with adult supervision. Made for infants 3+ months. As with all infant toys, always use with adult supervision. 

What about the Wood?

While these teething rings are compliant with teething ring standards, they are made of a natural material and therefore adult supervision is required. Natural wood can crack or break with forceful impact or improper handling if they contain a knot or weakened area. Please check "Wooden Ring Care" in the website footer for care instructions.

What are they strung on & how strong are they? 
Beads are strung on strong nylon cord, tied special and strength tested.

NEVER leave your baby alone with silicone teething toys. If your silicone teething ring breaks or is damaged do not let baby use it, send it back for repair or for a replacement. Please examine all toys and items your baby and/or children play with before and after every use and if you notice any signs of potential wear to products we provide, that could cause harm, please cease use immediately and contact us.

Our teething jewelry is tested to ensure that it meets or exceeds all current safety standards of the Health CANADA. These tests prove that BOTH THE MATERIALS and the DESIGN OF THE otherware PRODUCT are completely safe for your baby while under adult supervision. It should not be left with babies or children unattended. Adult supervision is required. See our safety testing here.

Special Care Instructions
The wood is in its raw state, so you can leave them as they are or you can apply your own oils or finishes, such as jojoba or flaxseed oil. If the beads collect lint or crumbs, simply run under the tap or wipe with a cloth. Spot clean the wood only.

  • Remove all packaging, wash, and rinse before first use.
  • Do not boil
  • Spot clean wood
  • Replace when damaged or worn