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Well-made products that are sweatshop free

We opened our doors with a dream to bring you the best-curated goods shop for the whole family. We started with ethically made teething toys and rattles that we now sell all over the world. Fast forward and we now sell an array of beautiful, sustainable products that are all ethically made. We are not a shop full of cheap sweatshop goods. When you spend the extra dollar here we can assure you that you are purchasing an item that will last the test of time.

Mass-produced things are often simply cheaply constructed and not well thought out. Here, we only feature quality products designed with care, created in a sustainable way with respect to the environment and people involved in the process. Shopping here, you can know that you are collecting an item that has been thoughtfully made to last the test of time, one that is non-toxic and better than good for your whole family.

Started Making Teether's Now We're Here!

So why Teethers? There was something about the aesthetic that drew us in. We loved the idea of creating sculpture-like designs that could look more than pretty in a modern day, Scandinavian style home. At Otherware, we believe in having less, natural, well-made items with a purpose and reducing clutter in the home.

Our buttery soft beads are made with 100% food-grade silicone or organic untreated beech wood. They are non-toxic, latex, lead, cadmium, mercury, phthalate, BPA & PVC free. All of our products are Canadian sourced so that we know exactly what goes into them. Best of all, our packaging is 100% recyclable and contains NO Plastic.