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Baggu Everything Pouch - Fawn
Baggu Everything Pouch - Fawn

Baggu Everything Pouch - Fawn

$16.00 CAD

If you need to organize your life or diaper bag, this product is for you! Great for on the go mom's to essentials for you and the babe. Also great for organizing socks, underwear, tees, sweaters or toiletries or shoes in your luggage. In our ultra-durable heavy weight nylon.

When we bring on something new, it must meet within our quest to bring your clan superlative goods. Say hello to Baggu, tested by myself when I lived in the concrete jungle of NYC. Every single day I walked miles to get necessities and these bags were impermeable. After 5 years, I still have the same bags and use them for the beach, toy storage, shopping, the list goes on! Needless to say, these are a necessity if you want to save the planet like us and stop the waste! 

6.5 in H x 10.5 in. W x 3.75 in. D.

100% heavyweight nylon

Machine washable